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Lexus_Concierge_App App

Rosso Pomodoro

Rossopomodoro Mobile App

Pynkiss Lookbook App

Pynkiss wanted a way for users to access the full range of Pynkiss clothing direct from their mobile phones. Magna House created a mobile application that allowed users on three different platforms - Android, iPhone and iPad - to navigate their way round the Pynkiss range by both type of clothing and collection.

Pynkiss Lookbook Mobile App

Pynkiss Live Tweet/SMS App

Pynkiss wanted an on screen app that would allow users to send SMS messages and twitter updates to a large in-store screen in Beirut.

To custom code a live, self updating screen that could be displayed on a standard browser, and allows users to directly text and tweet their messages to that page.

The page was designed with full Pynkiss creative content, and a full, custom CMS system to allow monitoring and deletion of unsuitable content.

Beirut shoppers loved seeing their messages on screen, and Pynkiss plans to roll out the idea throughout all their stores as they open.


Web GL is a new web technology that renders vectors using programming code. Largely underused, Magna House is experimenting with the technique and is always open to practical applications with this exciting new tech.

Launch Website WebGL