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Autostereoscopic 3D content

Not heard of autostereoscopic 3D displays yet? You will do soon.

Simply put, they’re large plasma displays that don’t require the user to wear any funky glasses - the images literally ‘jump out’ from the screens towards anyone that is passing.

They’re a world away from the so-called 3D televisions on the mass market: they’re the future, and they’re only going to grow.

At Magna House we can provide full service: from rental or sales of screens to production of content. We can even convert existing 2D material for use with the screens. Contact us now for further information.


This simple animation was made for Hugo Boss stores in Moscow, and autostereoscopic screens were installed in window displays. Because of the simple nature of the project, the 'pop up' effect was massive, and the logo literally appeared to 'jump out' from the window.

View Video Hugo Boss Animation


The exclusive Russian sports car brand Marussia needed a jaw-dropping autostereoscopic 3D display for a car show in Moscow. Magna House animated and converted a short reel showing off the latest model, and consumers enjoyed seeing the car rendered in real 3D.

View Video Marussia Animation


This ambitious animation was commissioned by Mercedes to celebrate an anniversary in Russia. The high level of animation was complemented by being converted to autostereoscopic 3D, and every viewer was amazed at seeing a Mercedes jump through the air and explode in true 3D.

View Video Mercedes Animation


Mini commissioned a short clip for a Moscow motor show. The new Mini coupe was rendered in 3D, logos and text were added and then the whole clip converted to autosteroscopic 3D for use on 47" monitors during the show. The results? Phenomenal brand recognition.

View Video Mini Cooper Animation


This short commercial was converted into autostereoscopic 3D for an in-store promotion in Russia. Brand recognition and sales increased subsequently after consumers stopped to watch the advert in real 3D.

View Video Skittles Animation


This clip was produced as part of a wider campaign for Suzuki, and was shown at a motor show in Russia. After converting to autostereoscopic 3D, the animation wowed visitors to the show as the scenery appeared to 'pop out' of the screen as the car travelled down a dirt path.

View Video Suzuki Animation



Russian engineering firm ODK needed a way to market their new engine components at a trade show.


A three minute 3D animation, converted to work on autostereoscopic screens.


A high quality sequence was made, complete with information on compatibility and power.


Potential clients were blown away by the sight of helicopters flying towards them from the autostereoscopic screen.

View Video ODK Animation