Magna House - - 3D Animation and Modeling

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3D Car Promotional Reel

Magna house made a series of short promotional videos for car manufacturers in jaw dropping, photo realistic 3D. No expense was spared to deliver the finest quality reels for some of the world's biggest names in motoring, and every environment was given the same high-end treatment. Particular attention was given to perfecting the fluid dynamics, especially with water, and the resulting video is nearly indistinguishable from actual video footage. Several clients went on to use the clips for a variety of different applications, from road shows to car showrooms.

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Luxury Property Development


The client - a luxury property developer based in Vienna - needed a 3D animated model to showcase their most recent work: a series of ultra-luxury apartments for the very affluent. The highest quality was required for such a prestigious development.


To make a series of still models in 3D Max and Maya, and after extensive client consultation, to make a customer 'journey' through the different parts of the development.


Intricate models were made of the houses, whilst peripheral models - such as cars - were bought from third-party suppliers to save the client time and money. The whole animation was rendered in a render farm to speed up the process considerably.


The pictures and promotional reel continue to be used in a variety of applications - property shows, internet sites, and printed material. Interest grows in the properties, and the client is extremely satisfied with the results.

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Russian engineering firm ODK needed a way to market their new engine components at a trade show.


A three minute 3D animation, converted to work on autostereoscopic screens.


A high quality sequence was made, complete with information on compatibility and power.


Potential clients were blown away by the sight of helicopters flying towards them from the autostereoscopic screen.

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Architectual 3D modeling

Several buildings were completely modelled in 3D for a client wanting to attract investment to a series of new builds in Austria. Work was completed to the very higest standards.